What is and isn’t possible with ARKit (Augmented Reality) currently?

Recently a prospect came to us and asked if we could build an app that would let users preview trying on engagement or wedding rings.

Unfortunately, this isn’t currently inexpensive due to the software limitations of ARKit.

The prospect, still bullish on Augmented Reality, asked us to look into creating an app to simulate wallpapers and drapery on walls.

Unfortunately, this isn’t easy yet either.  Code For Cash coder Serge “buildcode” Boinn looked into this and found this (technical explanation to follow).

“Vertical plane detection” is the technical concept here.  This has not been added to iOS (iPhone) yet, but conversations with an Apple engineer suggest that it is coming soon.  Connect with us on social media to get updates on what is possible using the cutting edge of software technology.

Our coder did add that this may be currently possible, using clever techniques with existing iOS methods, but certainly wouldn’t be cheap – not like the $300 furniture demo that we built.

“SDKs save tons of development time, but there are typically other approaches that involve a ton more work. For rings, for example, there was a video I posted that demonstrated trying on a ring while using a marker on a finger. There might be other ways… Just not a good fit for something quick.”

So: anything is possible!  But somethings may be more affordable and accessible and less risky than others.  Then again, in software development: if there’s no risk, there’s no point (i.e., no risk? no value… no reward).