Announcing v0.2 of Croupier, the Keybase sweepstakes bot

TL;DR:  We are giving away XLM hourly in the @mkbot#cryptosnipe channel on Keybase


When we announced Croupier the Keybase bot, the project gained momentum.  Today we are announcing v0.2 of “DevCroupier”, with a laundry list of new features.  

Several gameplay mechanics were inspired by a game that I played in school, something perhaps described as pattycake-meets-Pokémon: players would clap their hands and then either “charge”, “attack”, or “block”.  


Gameplay screenshots


The rules are comprehensive and detail all the new features

Many people have asked: is this gambling?  We previously said: kinda, but technically, no. Now, we1 robustly say: no!  There are three major elements that make something gambling: prize, chance, and consideration for entry.  Croupier is a free promotional sweepstakes hosted by Code For Cash in order to demo features of the Keybase platform and attract applicants to jobs we’re recruiting for.  Important to note that:

  • No purchase required for entry – simply react in chat with a positive emoji
  • A skillful, persistent free player has a stronger chance of winning than a player with a high bankroll
  • The regulators’ guiding principle on whether to intercede is generally: was someone damaged?  We think the rules and gameplay are constructed in a way that prevents inadvertent harm
  • We tabulate people cumulative earnings and issue 1099s where appropriate – it’s true, check the source!
  • Pot sizes are capped at reasonable amounts (e.g. 20,000XLM) to avoid running into issues with bonding requirements for low-level sweepstakes
  • We take zero fee or rake


Croupier is still in active development.  We’re always testing gameplay, open to feedback and adding new features!  We invite you to join us in @mkbot on Keybase to enjoy a round of Cryptosnipe and maybe win some XLM – no Lumens necessary to play!


  1. If a regulator claims otherwise, that this is in violation of anything of consequence, our first order of business is going to be to shut the bot down immediately and milk the publicity for all it’s worth.


TL;DR:  We are giving away XLM hourly in the @mkbot#cryptosnipe channel on Keybase